How to move local WordPress site to live server

There are many developers who first create the site on local machine and then move the website to live server. Here is a simple way to move a local wordpress site to server.

Uploading Wordpress Files

Upload the local wordpress website files on the server.

Database Creation

Create a database on the server and import your local wordpress database to the live server.

Changes in "wp_options" table

Open the wordpress database on server and look for the table "wp_options". In case if you have changed the table prefix then your table name will look like "prefix_options".

Open the table "wp_options". Look at the first two rows. You need to change the option_value field for "siteurl" and "home". Right now it must be something like this:


Change it to this:

where domain is your actual website name. Now you will be able to login to the wordpress dashboard.

Final changes using Velvet Blues Wordpress plugin

Login to dashboard and install a plugin "Velvet Blues Wordpress plugin". After installation, go to settings tab and select "Update URLs". Type the old url and new url names and tick all the checkboxes and click "Update URLs NOW" button. That's all.