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Fun Facts about Programming

  • Lynx is one the most popular text based web browser developed by a group of students in the year 1992. It is the oldest web browser still in use and development.
  • John Resig created the JQuery - a JavaScript Library in the year 2005 and it is most widely used on almost all top sites of the world.
  • Rasmus Lerdorf originally developed PHP just to tract number of visits to his online resume.
  • C++ is the most common language used for developing games and it was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup.
  • Good programming also needs some mathematical skills. For example, game development requires some basic knowledge of physics and mathematics.
  • Python is considered as the most popular language of the year 2014 followed by Java.

About Syntax Page

Syntax Page is a free programming tutorial website which will cover web programming as well as general programming in detail.

It will also provide you some basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization.

This website will be helpful for students as well as people who have some interest in programming. After going through all the articles and lessons you will be able to get the basic idea of how the applications and websites are built.

Power of CSS

The tree above is developed using CSS3. Even animation is possible with the help of CSS3. Stay tuned for more CSS3 designs and animations.